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“Whatever the Problem we have the solution”

Keany Marketing  and Communications Ltd are an established,  Award Winning, Successful Customer Insight, Social Media, Sales, Marketing and Design Agency based in London. We have over 20 years experience in the world-wide market place both on and off line. providing services in the areas of Customer Insight, Marketing Strategy, PR, Social Media, U-tube, the web/Graphic Design, and Video Production.

We are innovative and successful having an abundance of ideas and solutions for your everyday business problems and uniquely placed to help you. Our experience gets results and covers a variety of market sectors, to mention but a few:

Software development, Healthcare, Mobile Apps dev, Games, Music,  Entertainment, Transport & Travel, New Product Development, Design & Packaging, Distribution, Leisure, Food & Drink, Financial Services,  Education, Oil,  Gas, Retail, Construction, Commodities,  Public and Private Sector, Government Bodies and Charities.

Keany Marketing & Communications Ltd is a member of the ‘Institute of Directors’, PPL, PRS, AIM, ASAP (American Society of Authors & Composers), ‘The Marketing Society’ and ‘The Marketing Institute’.

“Contact us today and don’t delay, we are here to help you.”

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