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Cloud Solutions

We work in partnership with a number of the chosen few companies out there who really can provide an excellent Cloud Solution for your business.

We are careful to partner only with companies who have the same values and ethos regarding customer care as we have ourselves.

Cloud Solutions

On premise and off premise – tailored to your needs

ESB Solution

An ESB Solution allows you to connect all devices saving you a fortune in your IT spend. When you have the ESB product we recommend you will be able to keep your  existing software and hardware products without the need for additional programming expense or making old products obsolete, in fact your old software and IT products are given new life.

Unfortunately, many IT departments have already  invested unnecessarily in New IT hardware and Software products when all they needed was an ESB which acts like a router or simple adaptor and allowed you to plug in your old computer hardware and new together all over the world everyone talking to each other on the one platform making it easy to communicate with your colleagues worldwide and create apps, games, work on new projects, etc you must talk to us about this labor and budget saving  product. Its a must have..for any IT department…..cuts the budget in half… contact me: martina@keanymarketing.com

Hosting Solutions

I recommend one company for hosting your website and they are the company I use myself. I like them alot because having had a few bad experiences with other hosting companies I had to look for the best. My present provider was recommended to me by another company who found them great.  My present provider has given me the best solution at a competitive price. They are at the end of the phone if I need them a proper account manger, no press 1 and press 2, totally customer focused.

The other thing I like about my provider is that  they have an old fashioned approach to customer service. I like being treated as a valuable customer. They give you a dedicated account manager and it does not matter how big or small your business is. Let me know if you want me to put you in touch with them: contact me: martina@keanymarketing.com

Networking Solutions Data Storage and Security products to keep you safe online and off

We can recommend the best Data Storage Centres to store away your information. You always need to back up your data and you can have it on a server in house or in the cloud but when it comes to large amounts of data you need a secure back up elsewhere so if all your systems go down the data is not lost and you can easily retrieve it and start again. In the olden days when there was no data storage if a building went on fire the data did too. This way that wont happen to you because yours is secure in the cloud or at a data centre somewhere in the UK or abroad whichever you prefer contact me: martina@keanymarketing.com


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