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Source: Irish in Britain Business Year Book – London

“Martina Keany Managing Director, Keany Marketing and Communications Ltd. Martina Keany was born in Glenfarne, Co Leitrim. She graduated from the Marketing Institute of Ireland in the late 1980’s and was soon invited by the Institute to introduce Ireland’s first computer games software company New Concepts – the brain-child of innovative physics researcher and lecturer Dr Norman McMillan – to the UK market. She appeared in the book last year as the Sales and Marketing Director for a very talented market research & design house called Templar Downie, in Covent Garden London. After securing some wonderful accounts for the company, including Walt Disney and London Transport, She was proposed for and became an associate member of the Institute of Directors Pall Mall London. Martina then set up Keany Marketing & Communications Ltd. In her spare time Martina writes sons and poetry, performing on stage whenever she gets the time. Her first CD, containing 13 of her original songs, was published and available at www.martinakeany.com”.

New Concepts – UK/Ireland

“Martina was sent to the UK to investigate the software market for this company and sort out a number of problems New Concepts had experienced because of our association with an agent totally unreliable. Martina extricated the company from a bad arrangement and investigated the feasibility of establishing our own marketing arrangements in the UK.

She has very good habits of working, being careful, punctual, polite, well presented, friendly and easy to work with. Her most fortunate characteristic is the knack of meeting people and she has helped us by getting valuable financial and programming contacts for us. She also helped with a full business plan and helped establish the planning of all aspects of our company’s work.

We can recommend Martina as an enthusiastic, honest and hardworking”

Dr. Norman Mcmillan – Managing Director
Matt Kelly – General Manager

Dial – a – Cab – London’s Largest Black Taxi Company

“Thank you for the very concise report which you recently presented to the Board of Management, We would like to place on record our appreciation of the hard work and dedication you have put in to this project and would have no hesitation in recommending you to any third party who might want to avail themselves of your services. We wish you every success in the future”
Aubrey Siteman – Chairman

E2S European Safety Systems – London

“This is to confirm that Ms Keany carried out Market Research for into Voice Annunciation products for “Voice Messaging Systems Limited”. This was done nationally and internationally. She established some useful contracts which some of them became our clients.

Martina is an intelligent, resourceful, hard working lady. Her marketing research information was extremely useful to our company. We all enjoyed working with Martina.”
Mr Vedat Musa – B.Sc(Hons), C.Eng. M.I.E.E Production Director

Templar Downie – Design House London

“If you do decide to set up on your own please come and talk to me so we can discuss the terms on which we might cooperate”. Richard Carlisle – Chairman

Tuthills Limited – Retail Chain – Ireland

“During her time here we found Martina to be very hardworking and honest. The Major portion of her time was spent in working with Staff and Management in putting together a formal service manual. Martina also carried out sample customer surveys and the results were very informative and well presented.” P. Patten – General Manager –

Lottery Promotions – Ireland

Worked as Marketing, Research & PR Consultant on a number of projects.
• Irish National Bird Show
• Polio fellowship Charity – Lottery Scratch Card

“I found Martina to have considerable skill and talents in these areas “(Marketing, Research & PR). “Her skills were also used in the launching of a national event for charity that brought with it major national news headlines on television, radio, and newspapers. I am confident that Martina will be capable of succeeding with any task that she may take on, due to her natural abilities in visualizing the end result and carrying it through”
Stefan J. Klincewicz – Chief Executive

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